Member's Trust ATM Card

Your Members Trust ATM Card provides access to your accounts day and night via thousands of ATM machines locally and nationwide.  You can get cash, check your balances, and transfer funds between your accounts.  There is a $1.00 fee for each cash withdrawal.  Your Members Trust ATM Card is offered as part of you savings and/or checking account.  Other financial institutions may surcharge you for use of their machines. Click here to find one of our 36,000 free ATMs in your area.

Member's Trust Visa® Debit Card

With your Members Trust Visa® Debit Card every purchase is as simple as using your credit card.  With just a swipe of your card, your purchases will automatically be paid from your Members Trust checking account.

Your card can also be used to withdrawal cash from over 36,000 surcharge free ATMs nationwide.  Click here to find a list of ATM’s in your area.

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